Message from the Masters May 30, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones, It is with our greatest pleasure to commune with you this day. It is our desire that you take time throughout your day to quiet your mind so that you may commune more freely with us. Many of us have walked the Earth. We know your pain, your trials and your tribulations. Thus, having mastered the difficult Path of Separation, we have much that we can share with you to help you walk your Path with more grace and understanding. Those who…


Q & A on several topics

Theresa Crabtree, creator of the SoulCleanse®, candidly answers questions on a variety of topics including: Reptileans under the White House The Importance of Meditation How to Connect to God and Higher Self Is Satan and Hell real? Releasing Earthbound Spirits Energy Vampires Dark Entities that go to the Light Free Will


Daily Spiritual Practices Video

During this Zoom class, I off several practical ways to raise your vibration as you walk your Awakening Path. Most of the tools can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. At the bottom of my website, you will find a yellow box that has links to everything talked about during this class. On my YouTube channel, you can view the two meditations I talked about. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to know when new videos are…


Morning Message 102221

This morning's light show. Had another awesome, deeply blissful meditation this morning. A few months ago, I asked to be sent a teacher to help me meditate deeper and to know God and my Higher Self more deeply. Paramahansa Yogananda kept coming into my mind in a variety of ways until I realized, he was the answer to my prayer. For anyone serious about awakening more and being disciplined with a "scientific" way or incorporating spirituality, check out the SRF lessons: Have a blessed…



This morning I had an AWESOME meditation. One of the areas I am working on is unconditional love. It’s so hard not to judge people by their looks, what they wear, what they say, what you think they are thinking, what they do… and on and on the list goes. So, I was inspired to put some sticky notes in prominent places that simply say “C.O.G,” an abbreviation for “Child of God.” This is a reminder to do a heart-to-heart connection with whoever is on…


Joy Meditation

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards everlasting joy? Take several long breaths. As you exhale, let out the worries of the day. Consciously pay attention to each muscle in your body, starting at the top of your head. Note the muscles in your jaws, tighten them for a second and then allow them to relax. Move down to the shoulders, arms, fingers, etc. tightening and then relaxing each set of muscles. Then continue, moving down to your toes. Breathe in as you…


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