22 years in prison! Can you imagine? That was what Mark experienced after an attempted bank robbery to feed his drug addiction. "Not my best choice," as he states in the book. While sitting in prison, he embodied the new awareness, "I didn't get arrested, I got rescued." He has suffered much abuse leading up to his addiction, during his addiction, as well as what he endured while in prison! Then there is the stigma and obstacles of having the label, "felon" to deal with.…


Morning Message 102421

As I was driving out of the store parking lot this morning, I was distracted by a woman. In the moment that I took to glance back, my van came within a few feet of a man that I had not seen. He raised his fist and with a snarl said, “Thanks for almost running over me.” Granted, my eyes were not where they should have been. Also, the man had plenty of room and was not in the crosswalk. I didn’t even need to…


Life Review

You originally came from a place of love, energetic love, where nothing else existed. Coming to Earth, you chose to experience various facets of not-love, such as forgiveness, compassion, non-judgment, etc. Upon leaving this Realm, the full memory of all you have experienced on Earth is stored in the Akashic Records. You are a living library. Every experience, each moment of your life, is recorded and has the potential to assist untold numbers of individuals on their journey. That is how important and significant you…


Heart Connection

To make a Heart Connection, focus your attention on the person you wish to connect with. If appropriate, look into their eyes. Consciously send them a wave of love and appreciation. No words need to be spoken. Even if the other has no idea what you are doing, there will still be an energy exchange that will be felt by both of you. If the receiver is open, he/she will feel a sense of calm and will be more relaxed in your presence. You may…

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Sending Love

Sending love to others is a great way to heal! You will benefit, the other person will benefit and the relationship can heal or dissolve more gracefully. Click here for an awesome healing exercise! Healing is always an inside job!



Are you experiencing satisfaction in your life? Rediscover your true Essence and experience your perfection while in physical form. This was the original intention of the Earth and the reason most humans are currently on the Earth plane. Enjoy each moment. Feel gratitude for every person, place and event that occurs in your life. Be observant of nature, taking special care to impact the environment as little as possible. Treat others with respect, listening to their needs. Encourage each other by focusing on the positive…


Rewriting Old Programs

Feeling stuck?  Here is a simple process to reprogram "old tapes" that have become a stumbling block.  


Take Chances, Make Changes

Take chances, make changes! Change your thoughts by focusing on things you desire. You have the ability to change your actions by doing the things you want. Change your words by expressing your truth. You have the ability to change your attitude by focusing on gratitude. Only you can make you happy. Do not give this power to others. Support one another and gain each other’s trust in order to live more fully in your truth. By allowing others to choose their actions, you will…


Soul Connection 74 ~ Victim Be Gone!

How to slay the pains of the past and present? Personally removing yourself as a "victim” is the lock, forgiveness is the key. Are you ready to change your way of thinking and release yourself from your self-imposed prison? It can happen in the twinkling of an eye, whenever you make the conscious choice to stop beating yourself up or convincing yourself that this is your lot in life. First, you must fully desire to give up your role as victim. Accept any part of…


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