Take Chances, Make Changes

Take chances, make changes! Change your thoughts by focusing on things you desire. You have the ability to change your actions by doing the things you want. Change your words by expressing your truth. You have the ability to change your attitude by focusing on gratitude. Only you can make you happy. Do not give this power to others. Support one another and gain each other’s trust in order to live more fully in your truth. By allowing others to choose their actions, you will…


Soul Connection 74 ~ Victim Be Gone!

How to slay the pains of the past and present? Personally removing yourself as a "victim” is the lock, forgiveness is the key. Are you ready to change your way of thinking and release yourself from your self-imposed prison? It can happen in the twinkling of an eye, whenever you make the conscious choice to stop beating yourself up or convincing yourself that this is your lot in life. First, you must fully desire to give up your role as victim. Accept any part of…


Soul Connection 12 ~ Change Beliefs

You may encounter situations that feel uncomfortable because they are new or bring up a past times when you were presented with the same situation that you handled poorly. What often occurs is that you are presented with a similar situation repeatedly until you work through it. Although the exact scenario may not be the same, the basic premise is similar. Repeated patterns such as this are usually a sign for you to pay attention to an unresolved issue. Love of self and others involved…


Soul Connection 260 ~ Abundance and Relationships

Two of the biggest concerns on people's minds are abundance and relationships. Follow your passion and create pathways to lead you to making an income based on doing what you love to do. Think out of the box. Work past your fears. Then watch the doors magically open. You may have to go through a few uncomfortable steps as you release or clear up what you have previously created. However, have the courage to follow through with your dreams and make decisions based on what…

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