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Take Chances, Make Changes

Take chances, make changes! Change your thoughts by focusing on things you desire. You have the ability to change your actions by doing the things you want. Change your words by expressing your truth. You have the ability to change your attitude by focusing on gratitude. Only you can make you happy. Do not give this power to others.

Support one another and gain each other’s trust in order to live more fully in your truth. By allowing others to choose their actions, you will come to understand the meaning of forgiveness, which is an act of unconditional love. There is no need to judge or punish them, to save them from their trespasses or to coerce them to change their ways. These are acts of manipulation.

If they choose acts of unkindness, be a role model of kindness. When you encounter others who push beyond your comfort zone, look within to see how you can grow from the situation. If what they offer is not in alignment with you, withdraw yourself from them, without judgment. Do what you need in order to remain in integrity.

If you wish to be a kinder person, break through the fears that keep you locked into reacting in ways that do not serve you. This is true for any emotion, attitude, thought, word or behavior. Face your fears, recognize the problem and take steps to resolve them. Move forward today by looking at the areas you wish to change and write down the steps you need to take in order to change.

Take chances and make the changes!

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