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Heart Connection

To make a Heart Connection, focus your attention on the person you wish to connect with. If appropriate, look into their eyes. Consciously send them a wave of love and appreciation. No words need to be spoken. Even if the other has no idea what you are doing, there will still be an energy exchange that will be felt by both of you. If the receiver is open, he/she will feel a sense of calm and will be more relaxed in your presence. You may be able to sense the receiver’s response, even if the love is not consciously returned.

You can do the Heart Connection with anyone. Smile and send a conscious burst of love to people you pass on the street, the grocery clerk, acquaintances, pets, wild animals and the flowers in your neighbor’s yard. The more you connect with others and nature, the more you will spread unconditional love. No one needs to know what you are doing.

Sending love, gratitude and forgiveness is just as powerful whether you are standing face-to-face with someone or miles apart.

This can also be done with those who have “crossed over.” Visualize the other person standing in front of you. You can use a photograph or close your eyes to help you focus on the other person. Look beyond the physical body and set aside any low vibrational energies you feel. See this person as a reflection of pure Love.

Consciously send a wave of love, appreciation, forgiveness or anything else you wish to express. No words need to be spoken. If the receiver is open, a sense of calm and thoughts of you may come to mind. Even if the other person has no idea what you are doing, there will be an energy exchange that may be felt by both of you.

Whenever you send love to another, it increases the vibration of Divine Love over all the Earth. Although you may not be able to see the effects, know it exists and continues on forever. The blessings you give and receive makes a tremendous amount of change on the Earth. The effects will ripple much farther than you can imagine.

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    AMEN my gorgeous radiant soul..WE are ALL CONNECTED AT THE HEART LEVEL💣

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