Soul Connection 43 ~ Man-Infestation

The word "infestation" is defined as “a presence of a large number of pest organisms in or on a host." As a word play, look at the word "man-infestation" as applied to the large number of pesky thoughts that flow into your conscious and unconscious mind, every moment of every day. The thought of monitoring your thoughts can seem overwhelming at first. However, like any skill, with practice you gain mastery. How to control your thoughts? The first step is observation. Pay attention to your…

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Soul Connection 42 ~ The Shadows Within

Looking at the shadow self is not an easy task. When reacting to another's words or behaviors in a way that causes internal unrest, you have an opportunity to look within to see what is upsetting you. From this realization, you can then choose how to react in future situations. With practice, you can choose to change your beliefs and habits associated with this event. This is growth. With growth comes the ability to help others. That is what being a good steward is all…


Soul Connection 41 ~ Remain Centered

Clarity comes when you remain centered. When you are able to keep your focus and remain "level-headed," you will make better decisions. Begin by simplifying your life. Quiet moments are a must to even begin the process of slowing down. Find ways to relax every muscle in your body. Take quiet walks in nature or sit next to a tree and simply be. Become a human be-ing rather than a human do-ing. As you release fears and beliefs that keep you entrapped in old habits,…


Soul Connection 29 ~ Change Habits

In order to manifest anything, the basic order is the same for all scenarios. Clear your mind, speak you intention and visualize the outcome. See yourself in the final outcome of the situation. As much as possible, feel those emotions; use your senses to see, touch, smell, taste and hear yourself in the scenario. By stating, visualizing and practicing, you quickly break the habit by simply doing or being what it is you want to create. However, by stating the intention and visualizing yourself in…


Change Habits

Beliefs create ingrained habits. Look back on your life at things you “knew” were absolute truths when you were young. Which ones have changed, and why? Every single belief you hold true today can change tomorrow by your simple will to do so. Perhaps you will read a book or engage in a conversation that will create an “aha” moment that rattles one of your core beliefs. By taking time to reflect on your beliefs, you may find yourself astonished at what you discover. Test…


Soul Connection 12 ~ Change Beliefs

You may encounter situations that feel uncomfortable because they are new or bring up a past times when you were presented with the same situation that you handled poorly. What often occurs is that you are presented with a similar situation repeatedly until you work through it. Although the exact scenario may not be the same, the basic premise is similar. Repeated patterns such as this are usually a sign for you to pay attention to an unresolved issue. Love of self and others involved…


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