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Change Habits

Beliefs create ingrained habits. Look back on your life at things you “knew” were absolute truths when you were young. Which ones have changed, and why? Every single belief you hold true today can change tomorrow by your simple will to do so. Perhaps you will read a book or engage in a conversation that will create an “aha” moment that rattles one of your core beliefs.

By taking time to reflect on your beliefs, you may find yourself astonished at what you discover. Test your beliefs by engaging in conversations with others who hold different beliefs and ask them why they believe what they do. Open your mind to their opinions, you might find a grain of truth in them. Seek for answers and you will find them.
Try new things. If you are in a job that does not bring you joy, seek another. If you are in a relationship that brings you sorrow, seek another. If you are unhappy with your current housing situation, move. If your health is poor, eat better and change your negative thoughts instead of complaining to others, for that keeps you focused on the dis-ease.
Any reason you give for not moving forward in your life is simply an excuse to cover up a fear or belief. You are never in a corner, even though it may seem that way. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you are likely to remain there until you accept responsibility for your actions that allowed it to happen. You may have had horrible experiences in the past, but it is time to take responsibility for your actions today and to heal the past wounds and move forward.
If your attention is on “poor me” then you will forever be a victim. If your attention is on your ailments, then you will forever be ill. If your attention is on not moving forward because of lack of money, time, or energy, then you will forever be lacking. No longer blame others for their trespasses against you. It is impossible to turn back the sands of time. Forgive them and yourself then move onward. Anger and fear take a tremendous amount of energy; use that energy to move forward. Excuses create blocks to receiving gifts.
Be open and honest with yourself and others. There are times when it is appropriate to let others know what you need, rather than remaining stagnant, reach out for assistance.
Dream your highest vision so that you can live it. Take a good and honest look at where you are currently spending your money, time and energy. Release the time and energy-consuming activities you are engaged in, so that you can renew yourself each day and move toward your deepest desires.

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