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Soul Connection 29 ~ Change Habits

In order to manifest anything, the basic order is the same for all scenarios. Clear your mind, speak you intention and visualize the outcome. See yourself in the final outcome of the situation. As much as possible, feel those emotions; use your senses to see, touch, smell, taste and hear yourself in the scenario.

By stating, visualizing and practicing, you quickly break the habit by simply doing or being what it is you want to create. However, by stating the intention and visualizing yourself in the process of breaking the habit, you will find yourself in repeated patterns or situations that give you the choice to practice the behavior you wish to change. In most of these cases, the habit is never broken.

Ponder on this until you see the full implications between visualizing the end process rather than visualizing the process of breaking the habit. Practice this in any situation to shed old patterns and transform yourself into the beautiful being that you already are.

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