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Out of the Box

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  1. Steven-Robert Hinz

    I find that the best (not necessarily the easiest) way to get and stay “out of the box” of mass thinking is to do the opposite of what most people are doing (or what media tells us to do).

    For example, at this time, yes, I am often the guy in the store without a mask. (I have one in my pocket and use as I discern it necessary). I’m the guy that gets to observe the judgement of others.

    Now, it is not as simple as going without a mask.
    I am a non-smoking, non- drug (of any kind), tea totaling, supplement taking, organic eating yogi and know I have a strong immune system and to continue to have one, I need to be exposed to whatever germ or virus crosses my path. If you have a compromised immune system, I suggest that you don’t do as I do, as self safety is paramount.

    I can control my parasympathetic system (the fight or flight response). Therefore, when someone that is not fully knowledgeable of the current state of affairs at this time and responds “negatively” to my conscious choice, I know when to attempt to reason and use the situation as a potential teach / learning moment, and when not to engage.

    Also, I do my best to follow the rules of respect, social graces (manners) and etiquette. I give everyone around me plenty of space, I respect their choice (conscious or unconscious) and send them loving thoughts for WHERE they are currently.

    My conscious choice, I notice also gives those that are like minded to free themselves from the mass thinking and make a choice for themselves which more often creates another teach / learn moment.

    I understand that this is a very current and controversial position for some, But it serves as an example of BEing out of the box.

    Be of Joy,

    1. admin

      As I read this, what comes to mind is how so many people were excited about 2020 being the year of perfect sight. Now, just with the masks, which are definitely in “sight,” it offers everyone the choice for further separation, judgment, fear or allowance. Before, we could hide many of the views because there was not a visible mask in sight in regards to stating one’s opinion, choice, fear etc. in regards to catching or receiving illness from others.

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