MAYAN MESSAGES: Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment

Mayan Messages is a collection of 260 inspirational quotes and meditations. These tools help to enhance mental health,  spiritual growth and energy healing. In addition, they help to overcome emotional trauma and break addiction patterns.

Moreover, these words of encouragement will help you manifest healthy relationships and abundance. In addition, they will help to increase your self-esteem as you move from fear to love.

Is spiritual growth, higher consciousness and connecting with Spirit Guides your goal?

Mayan Messages is loaded with tools to help along your path of spiritual enlightenment!

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The Maya claim their sacred Tzolkin calendar was given to them by Extra-Terrestrial Beings. Each day, one of the twenty Daykeepers offers you words of wisdom to help transcend duality.

In addition, the Daykeepers introduce you to the thirteen Tones that accompany each day. You will never look at the numbers 1-13 in the same way.

Each of the 260 days of the Tzolkin calendar has a unique vibration. Similarly, each day focuses on a unique aspect of the human psyche (personality traits).

When diligently working through 260 shadow aspects, the potential for spiritual growth has no bounds!

You can read the book in any manner that you choose. However, the greatest impact is to read the message on the current Tzolkin date. Therefore, I included a date conversion calendar in the book.

Mayan Messages offers inspirational quotes and meditations on the following topics!

self help
feng shui
spirit guides
nature spirits
change beliefs
energy healing
personal growth
creating your reality
higher consciousness
words of encouragement
awakening consciousness
monitoring thoughts, words, actions

raising vibration and frequency
spiritual enlightenment
Organizing your home
how to change habits
communication skills
living in the moment
manifesting wealth
emotional trauma
self improvement
law of attraction
spiritual healing
spiritual growth
life after death
universal laws

mental health
self esteem
drug abuse

Theresa Crabtree video thumbnail interview about Mayan Messages

Mayan Messages Interview with George Lewis
November 2012    

Easy to use online date converter. Type in the Gregorian date and discover the corresponding date in over a dozen calendars. In addition, you can reverse the process. Simply enter another calendar’s date to discover the corresponding Gregorian date.
IAN LUNGOLD’S site (1949 – 2005). We miss you, Ian!

Ian offers an explanation of the Mayan Long Count calendar. Purchase Mayan inspired videos, jewelry and an easy-to-use, informative codex to decode any Gregorian / Tzolk’in date.

Inmate in library reading Mayan Messages

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Both inmates and prison staff are reading the Mayan Messages.  They share how they are making better life choices, as a result.

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Inmates Praise Mayan Messages

Ann Marie in AZ

“Mayan Messages changed my whole outlook on life!”
Ann Marie in Arizona

Zeth in Colorado

“What I really like about the Mayan Messages is the communication with the Spirit World. As a result, your book is helping me get to a higher level. Your book is right-on!”
Zeth in Colorado

Chris in UT

“I appreciate the mindset and attitude changes I am getting from reading the Mayan Messages. So, thank you for your time and attention. “
Chris in Utah

Anthony in  KS

“After reading the first page, I felt a change of SELF. So, continue to put together works that support the growth and development of the human spirit.”
Anthony in  Kansas

Farrel in Illinois

“Your uplifting book keeps me focused on staying positive. As a result, it motivates me to practice being peaceful and respectful. One of my favorite phrases is, “Forgiveness is simply allowing others to be themselves.” So, that helps me understand the true meaning of forgiving someone. My friends and I cherish this book!”
Farrel in Illinois

Sarah in Pennsylvania  

“The wisdom and knowledge I am receiving from your messages goes beyond this world. When I read the morning Message, I feel it speaking directly to me. Learning about energy frequencies places me in charge of my life. Now I recognize that I am responsible for the energy I’m putting out and taking in. My intuition is more clearer than before. Sometimes the Messages give me chills, they are so accurate. My eyes are open now, giving me hope. I believe that I finally stumbled upon the truth, the light.”
Sarah in Pennsylvania

Monica in Illinois

“I absolutely love the Mayan Messages. First, they feel real, true. They also have made me see things differently, in a clearer way.”
Monica in Illinois