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Connecting with your I Am Presence

Connecting with your I Am Presence

Celestial Gathering October 13, 2019
Message from the Masters

Dear Ones,

We are again en-light-ed to spend time consciously with you. If all humans were to turn “upwards” and reach for our assistance, heaven on earth could be attained in the “twinkling of an eye.” Thus, it is important to share your “good news” as you awaken, with others who are truly Seeking, as well.

In the meantime, do all you can do to enhance your spiritual awareness. This begins with making conscious communication with your Higher Self, your I Am Presence, that part of you that remains in High Light. Many ask how to do this. It is rather simple, since you ARE your “Higher Self.” It is taking the time and recognizing when you are making communication that is often overlooked.

Choose a place that feels peaceful to you. This can be a place you have visited or seen photos of. It can be on earth or elsewhere. You are a creator, so use your imagination to create the place where you wish to commune regularly with your I Am Presence.

Arrange the space so that you are seated and your Presence is sitting across from you. Perhaps, if you prefer, imagine you are walking together in a peaceful place. Take several deep and slow breaths in and out until you feel relaxed.

Let go of the concerns of the day.

This will place you in a relaxed brain wave pattern, making it easier to receive messages. In order for us to communicate deeper, we must “step down” our energy. The higher you raise your energy, the easier it will be for us to communicate.

If you are busily engaged in daily events or overly worried about events in your life, it is harder for us to make the initial contact. With practice, over time, you will find it easier to connect with us, even during stressful moments.

Going back to the peaceful place you have created. If you cannot “see” it in your mind’s eye, this is fine. Everyone has differing abilities. Just create the scene with your thoughts. Sit on the space you have created and invite your Presence to sit across from you. You can even create how you want your Presence to look. Likewise, your Presence can “shapeshift” into whatever form or formless energy he/she chooses to present to you.

We are all energy beings, so the form is a choice of preference or what is needed for you to recognize. However, pay close attention to how the energy feels, for this is a good practice to have when dealing with humans and other beings. Like the axiom states, “Actions speak louder than words,” an entity or human can masquerade as a Light being, but their actions will soon show the true self.

Now that you are sitting across from your Presence, no words need to be spoken at first. Making the conscious and energetic connection is most important. Use the Heart Connections to send and receive love to each other. This will create a conscious bond between you on a conscious level.

Everyone will make the connection at this level in a differing time frame.

You may already have the strong connection. Or it may take several attempts to make the connection. Keep trying until you do feel connected. Once you feel connected, in the beginning, it is good to start with asking how you can make the connection stronger. Also, ask how often and under what circumstances it is best to meet. The first few meetings are best to simply strengthen the connection and increase the love bond.

After your connection and bond is strong, then begin your dialogue. Your Presence co-created you. You are a hologramic aspect of it. Everything that is within the I Am Presence, you have access to. Energies from all of your human past lives are within your “container” and you have access to them, as well. Anything else you wish to explore, the two of you can take a trip to the Akashic Records and gain what is needed for your next step on your spiritual awakening Path.

The trickiest part of the initial conversations with your Presence is to know what is coming from the Presence, what is being blocked by your own fears and beliefs, and what is being generated from your egoic mind. Practice makes perfect. So, practice often. Also, pay attention to the energy behind any messages you receive.

If the message feels confusing, demanding or creates mistrust, it is likely being generated from your egoic mind and/or being filtered by your own fears and beliefs. Thus, it is crucial to face your fears and release them. It is also important to dig out any false beliefs you have created throughout your life. These are the greatest stumbling blocks for humans.

As you meet more often with your Presence and begin to recognize the messages from this source, you will be much better equipped to handle every day life.

Fears will start to fade away. Forgiveness and allowance will happen more readily. You will gain clarity. Your creativity will flow. How you wish to express your innate talents while in human form will blossom. You will create more joy, happiness and bliss, no matter what is happening around you. Thus, you see, the rewards are quite enticing.

So, what are you waiting for? In this moment, or one soon after, set aside at least 15 minutes to start making the connection. It will get easier with time. If your day presents too much confusion, then awaken 30 minutes before anyone else and utilize this quiet time. You can do the same before going to bed. Be forewarned, that if you truly desire to make this connection, but do not take the time to do so, your Presence will assist you. Thus, you can expect a “wake up” call around 3-4 am when the world around you will likely be quiet. If this happens, recognize that it is time to awaken and make the connection. Once you have finished with the meeting, you will likely then fall asleep soon after.

Another “perk” to consciously connecting with your I Am Presence, and also with the Masters, is that you are creating a better flow of energy so that you can receive the love and energy that we have to bestow freely upon you. So, come to us when you need your battery recharged.

We are grateful for this opportunity to commune with you.

The Masters


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Blessings on your journey!
Theresa Crabtree

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