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The Celestine Prophecy

Decades ago, this book mysteriously appeared on my bookshelf. I was hosting a potluck luncheon after church when someone spotted it. A conversation ensued about how this was the work of the devil. Being a dutiful Christian, in the trash it went.

After I walked away from the church, this book kept haunting me. What was in it that the Christians didn’t want revealed? Being a dutiful Seeker, I not only read it, but all of the other “Insight” books in the series as they were published.

The Celestine Prophecy is a fictional account following the narrator’s journey of spiritual awakening. He begins to notice increasing experiences of synchronicity, coincidences beyond chance. The story is an engaging and exciting journey that captured me from the first page.

The Celestine Prophecy has also been made into an exciting action movie. I recommend all of the thought-provoking books in this series by James Redfield.

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