Stumbling Blocks

One way to gracefully overcome obstacles is to prepare yourself before you stumble. Many trip over the same rock several times and either are unaware of repeating this pattern or once aware, decide to take measures not to stumble on the rock again. This is the difference between unconscious and conscious living. When you pay attention to what is happening around you, life becomes more meaningful and magical. Once you are consciously aware of the rock in your path, come up with solutions to avoid…


Share Your Knowledge

SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE Imagine the entire world returning to a cycle of communing together and assisting each other in overcoming the negative thoughts and beliefs that currently wreak havoc on Earth and beyond. Can you imagine the beauty and peace that will exist as each of us returns to our way of Be-ing, of perfect Spirit, while living in the human form? It is possible, but will take effort from all, beginning within each of us. There are many ways to be of service, yet…


Heavenly Helpers

Heavenly Helpers are always present to assist when called upon. Your positive attitude, coupled with a belief that there is good in all things, will assist you in overcoming any situation. Once you connect with your Higher Self and learn to ask directly for guidance in all situations, your life will become magical. Ask for guidance within the parameter, “for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned." Then watch for the magic to begin. Many times, prayers go unanswered or so it…


Discover Your Truth

Discover your truth. Today is a grand day, one of great celebration, for you have chosen to be alive on planet Earth! The time has come to look closely at every belief you hold to be true. Most beliefs were inhaled on blind faith, never once questioning the authority of those who proclaimed these truths. The ability to go inside and to connect with your Higher Self is within your grasp. It is your intuition, that inner knowing, that is your connection. Pay attention to…



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Pay attention to synchronicities, which are meaningful coincidences. Count them as blessings as you walk along your life Path. Have the courage to follow through with ideas that feel inspiring, for they likely are guideposts for you. There are times when you will falter, but you will never be lost. Call on your Higher Self and Spirit Guides for assistance. They are always nearby to set up new experiences to help you stay on your Path. Take time to clear your mind. Go into meditation…


Mirror Meditation

Before beginning the mirror meditation, get into a comfortable position. Take a few moments to unwind. Then, deeply and slowly, breathe in and breathe out. Allow your muscles to relax. Mentally push the “off” button on your left-brain. Set the intention for it to auto restart when you return to your normal active brain state. The goal today is to explore the universe that lies within you. Drift inside these spaces for a while. Notice your heart space. Allow yourself to feel love. Visualize your…


Higher Self and Spirit Guides

New Moon Celestial Gathering Message from the Masters Higher Self and Spirit Guides August 30, 2019 Greetings! We are deLIGHTed to be in close communion with you once again. We offer the following words of encouragement to you. Take time each day to go within and give some attention to one thing that has you feeling off balance. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position where you will not be distracted for at least 20 minutes. Take several deep and slow breaths in and then…


The Root of All Evil

You may have heard the adage, "the love of money is the root of all evil." Although there are a myriad of causes of evil, it might be closer to the truth to say that fear is the root of most evil. Yet who determines what is evil, if all experiences are catalysts for growth? The Soul of each human will ultimately return to Source, bringing a wealth of experiences to share with the whole. It is the intention of the universe to allow each…


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