Heavenly Helpers

Heavenly Helpers

Heavenly Helpers: Your positive attitude and belief that there is good in all things, will assist you in overcoming any situation. Once you connect with your Soul, ask directly for guidance in all situations and your life will become magical. Ask for guidance within the parameter, “for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.”
Many times, prayers go unanswered or so it seems. There is a purpose for everything that occurs. How many times has something happened that was not in your plans, yet later, it was a blessing? That is a sign of your Heavenly Helpers at work. There are many ways they communicate with you: a little voice in your head, “god bumps,” and synchronistic events. They also attempt to communicate by using technology such as lights, computers, TVs, phones and song lyrics.
The Heavenly Helpers always work in tandem with your Soul, for that is the one who created you in this incarnation. Your Heavenly Helpers are always available to offer you opportunities to get back on the path to goals that are in your highest good. Because of free will, you have the opportunity to ignore their prompts and make other choices.
Create an image of something you would like to manifest or experience. Ask if it is in your highest good. Listen for a response whether it comes in the form of a voice, a knowing, or a feeling in your body. If it feels good and you feel energized, it is likely you are getting an affirmative answer. Visualize the event to the best of your ability. Energize it with your emotions. Check again with your Soul and body to see if you are in alignment. If you get an affirmative answer, then end your request with “So be it and so it is.” Thank all who are involved with bringing this blessing to you. What you desire is now being set into motion. Live your life as though it is already a reality, for it is! Have fun creating what you wish to experience!
The Heavenly Helpers rejoice when humans reconnect with their Soul. It is their joy to assist in making your dreams come true. They are co-creators with you and do all in their power to let you know they exist and love you with no conditions. Their love is pure. Allow the doors to open and you experience true bliss when you come to understand the magnificent Being that you are. Expect miracles to happen. Be kind to yourself and others and watch the magic unfold!

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