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Shine Your Light

What does it mean to “shine your light?” Once upon a time, we all were a singular unit of God, the Creator of All.  There were no individuals, all was an integral part of the whole, similar to the light that shines forth from the sun. At one point, Source fragmented to allow for a variety of experiences. You are one of those fragments. Within you is the eternal flame that is your connection to the Source of All.

This light inside your heart is similar to one candle flame. Everyone has this flame of God Essence within. Even those that do the most horrendous deeds on Earth and in other dimensions has this light. No matter how deeply it is hidden, this flame can be brought forth to shine brightly. All it needs is a little oxygen, namely, your breath.

Whenever you feel out of balance, take a deep breath in, then slowly and fully, exhale. At the same time, repeat a mantra or a soothing song in your mind. Continue until you regain inner peace. Take time to connect with your I Am Self for assistance in resolving whatever issue knocked you off balance.

The more adept you become at oxygenating your body, calming your mind and connecting with your Self and Spirit Guides, the brighter your inner light will shine. There are many healing modalities and exercises that help to move oxygen and energy throughout your body. Yoga, chi gong and massage are a few examples.

Find ways to express your true Self and shine your light, beginning in this moment!

“The Little Soul and the Sun” is my favorite explanation of our Light within and why there is Dark.

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