Inner Peace

Besides breathing and eating, the most important daily activity you can engage in is to spend quiet time going within and connecting with your Higher Self. There are also many health benefits associated with meditation and daily prayer. PHYSICALLY you will experience health benefits as you relax and relieve stress. As you work through problems, you will become better equipped to handle stressors as they emerge. MENTALLY you will become more alert and focused. EMOTIONALLY you will begin to balance yourself in all situations, regaining…


Creating Time and Energy

Take a few moments to relax your muscles and to let go of the concerns of the day. Breathe deeply in and out to oxygenate your cells and to increase the energy running through your body. Does your work fill you with energy or deplete you? Are you able to take a day or two to rest when you are sick and tired? Is there another type of work you would rather be doing? Take these things into consideration and decide whether it is in…


Release your Inner Child

Are you ready to release your inner child? Let us celebrate by making joyful noises! Release your inhibitions and begin to sing. Make up words as you go, they need not be in a language you know; they can be just silly utterances. Build your crescendo, play with the sounds. Ohm, if you choose. Shriek with delight. Make silly faces and movements. Have fun and release yourself your inner child. Make body movements; get up and dance around the room or better yet, in nature.…


Healing Meditation

Before starting this energy healing meditation. select one goal you would like to focus on. This could be an emotional trauma, an addiction or a relationship. With this in mind, relax while taking in several breaths. Focus on your breathing until you have released any tension in your body. When you relax, you enter into theta brainwaves, allowing you to more easily disengage the busy, logical mind. Mentally, push a button that temporarily shuts off the left side of the brain. The right hemisphere stores…


Soul Connection 41 ~ Remain Centered

Clarity comes when you remain centered. When you are able to keep your focus and remain "level-headed," you will make better decisions. Begin by simplifying your life. Quiet moments are a must to even begin the process of slowing down. Find ways to relax every muscle in your body. Take quiet walks in nature or sit next to a tree and simply be. Become a human be-ing rather than a human do-ing. As you release fears and beliefs that keep you entrapped in old habits,…


Soul Connection 8 ~ Pathway Meditation

Relax your body by focusing on each group of muscles at a time. Place your attention on your toes; inhale while tightening your toe muscles. On the exhale, relax your toes. Next, rotate your ankles to loosen them. On the next inhale, tighten the muscles of your lower legs. On the exhale, relax those muscles. Then do the same with your upper legs, tummy, buttocks, back, upper arms, lower arms, fingers, shoulders, neck, jaw, eyes, etc. As you practice this exercise, you will learn to…


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