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Soul Connection 8 ~ Pathway Meditation

Relax your body by focusing on each group of muscles at a time. Place your attention on your toes; inhale while tightening your toe muscles. On the exhale, relax your toes. Next, rotate your ankles to loosen them. On the next inhale, tighten the muscles of your lower legs. On the exhale, relax those muscles. Then do the same with your upper legs, tummy, buttocks, back, upper arms, lower arms, fingers, shoulders, neck, jaw, eyes, etc. As you practice this exercise, you will learn to do this quickly, taking only a moment to relax each set of muscles.

Visualize yourself standing at the edge of a forest. With your Heavenly Helpers by your side and a clear focus on your destination, you are ready to begin your journey. After walking down the path a short way, you find yourself in a clearing with small trails branching in all directions. Which do you choose?

Place your attention clearly on one behavior you would like to change. How do you want to act when future events arrive? What physical experiences do you want to have? Which emotions would you like to feel?

You will discover that each path offers unique experiences. None of the paths are straight, making it is impossible to see what dangers and rewards will be encountered along the way. Clearly state your intention. Ask for your choice to be for your highest good.

You may then choose to follow any path, or to look for one that is more illuminated than the others. (This is also true when you are on physical trails.) Along the way, you can expect to be faced with choices. These are opportunities for you to experience what it is you wish to transform. For example, if your choice is to stop smoking, you can expect to be faced with a myriad of opportunities to decline a cigarette.

When you jump each hurdle, you will gain more confidence and become more empowered. As you learn to make better decisions and trust your inner guidance, you will likely find that in most situations, there will be only two or three paths presented to you. This narrowing of choices is due to fine-tuning, as you release fear, old beliefs and inappropriate behaviors.

It may take great courage to go down certain paths. Press forward anyway. In your imagination, there is no one to harm you or judge your choices. Let your creative juices flow and allow yourself to think “out of the box.”

As you walk along each path, you will begin to see possible outcomes. When you make one choice, other paths will branch out. Go down each branch until you reach an outcome that is not to your liking. Then retreat back to the last crossing and choose another side path.

As you walk along, each time you choose paths that lead to your desired goal, you become more confident and empowered. There may be times when the temptation becomes overwhelming and you revert to old habits; understand this is normal and acceptable. There is no “right” or “wrong,” it is simply a choice you made in that moment.

You may find others judging or ridiculing you for choices you make in your life. Learn to understand that it is their opinion and although it may be true for them, you do not need to take it on as truth for yourself. What is important is for you to choose what is right for you, without feeling guilt or shame when you don’t follow your own advice.

Keep in mind that often it takes years to develop a habit, so don’t expect to break them in one day. Although there are times when a change occurs in the “twinkling of an eye,” in most cases, it takes observation, diligence and patience to replace unwanted habits. Through perseverance and the falling away of old habits and beliefs, one day you will have reached your destination. From there you may choose to help others who are struggling with similar issues.

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