Soul Connection 2 ~ Not Love

This universe was created to be a realm of polarity in order for souls to have the opportunity to experience "Not Love." By choosing to incarnate on earth, you have the unique opportunity to choose both “light” and “dark” experiences. In this realm, everything has a "boomerang" effect. The more you give love to others, the more love you receive in return. The more fear you impose on others, the more fear will be returned to you. The effects of some choices are felt in…


Soul Connection 254 ~ Emotions Are Teachers

Many do all they can to deaden emotions labeled as negative. Instead, embrace all emotions, for within them lies the clues to finding true happiness and joy. When you are sad, there will come a time when you will say, “Enough of this sadness, I am going to change my attitude and behavior so I can experience happiness.” Thus, the sadness leads to your desired goal of happiness. At times, it feels good to express sorrow or pain, for within these emotions, you are connecting…


Soul Connection 248 ~ Choices! Choices!

Can you feel the excitement when you make a decision that feels right? Have you ever wondered where that feeling comes from? Why do some decisions feel right while at other times you battle within your mind to choose the best outcome for a situation? Often, there is a "knowing" that something feels right because you have set a clear intention. In these moments, you are in flow with creation. You know what you want and you know what to do to obtain it. No…


Soul Connection 239 ~ Body Talk

You came into this incarnation with goals and desires to fulfill. Spend time going within to find your heart’s desires. When connecting with your Soul, you can remember what those goals were and gain assistance on your Life Path. Your life will be much easier after you have cleared the fears, negative thinking and reliance upon what others think of you. Break through the beliefs and obligations that bind you from expressing yourself freely. Pay attention to your body, for within its subtle talk lies…


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