Soul Connection 254 ~ Emotions Are Teachers

Many do all they can to deaden emotions labeled as negative. Instead, embrace all emotions, for within them lies the clues to finding true happiness and joy. When you are sad, there will come a time when you will say, “Enough of this sadness, I am going to change my attitude and behavior so I can experience happiness.” Thus, the sadness leads to your desired goal of happiness.
At times, it feels good to express sorrow or pain, for within these emotions, you are connecting to others on a very deep level, which has love as a foundation. Pay attention to your emotions as they arise. Do they hold a message for you? Are they a means to express your love for self or others?
Any emotion can be taken to the extreme, whether it is considered to be positive or negative. Balance is the key, for when you are centered, you remain in control. Whereas if you remain in a state of extreme emotion such as grief or giddiness, you can easily lose control of reality and become distracted on a side path.
Thus, it is important to take care of problems as they arise. This includes a healthy diet, rest and exercise. When your body is in good health, you are better able to handle stressors as they arise. By maintaining emotional balance as you walk your daily path, you will be able to stay centered when confronted with upsetting issues.
Your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health are entwined. When one facet of your self is off balance, it affects the whole. Do all you can to keep yourself healthy in all of these areas.
Take time today to meditate on ways you can maintain your balance by role-playing various scenarios that are likely to occur. For instance, if there is someone at work that you dislike and every day their presence makes you upset, look at ways you can change your attitude and behavior so you do not lose your balance.
Role-play things to say and do when you encounter this person. Make a loving Heart Connection, even if at first it feels phony. With practice, there will come a moment when you will accept this person unconditionally. It is not unusual for these relationships to develop into deep friendships, for you will have connected at a soul level, beyond the bounds of judgment and criticism.

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