Soul Connection 248 ~ Choices! Choices!

Can you feel the excitement when you make a decision that feels right? Have you ever wondered where that feeling comes from? Why do some decisions feel right while at other times you battle within your mind to choose the best outcome for a situation?
Often, there is a “knowing” that something feels right because you have set a clear intention. In these moments, you are in flow with creation. You know what you want and you know what to do to obtain it. No matter what anyone else says, you know you will move forward, taking the necessary steps to attain that goal.
When a person has this surety, the Heavenly Helpers can assist in making this a reality. It is like having a work order. They look at the work order, which is a clear intention fueled by passion, and begin to mold whatever they can into filling the order.
What often happens is the person waivers, falling into snares of unworthiness, doubt, anxiety, fear, etc. These often are fueled by well-meaning friends and family who express their concerns. If the person continues steadfast, with eyes set on the goal, the Heavenly Helpers can continue to create opportunities to continue along the Path. These synchronicities will continue, leading toward the destination. When this occurs, you know you are on the Path. However, fear can impede progress, so go within and seek any beliefs or negative thinking that may hinder your ability to progress toward your dreams.
Allow yourself and all other Beings to make their own choices as to what is best for them. Even young children should be allowed to make their own choices in small measures. This is the nature of Free Will and experience, the main reasons why you incarnated on this plane of existence. Choose peace, joy and love!

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