Team Work

Team Work with other Realms. My passion in life is two-fold, first to help humans connect with their inner Selves, that space where they can find peace every moment, no matter what circumstances in which they find themselves. Secondly, I enjoy helping others communicate more deeply with Nature Spirits. Although many humans know of the existence of Beings in other Realms, most take them for granted. However, the vast majority of humans do not believe or know of the existence of Nature Spirits. Yet, I…


Nature Spirits

All plants have Nature Spirits overseeing them. There are myriads of these Beings living among you. Their role is to assist plants in obtaining their needs. They have been given names such as: sylphs, gnomes, fairies, elves and little people. Some Nature Spirits are delighted when they can communicate freely with conscious and caring humans. They are open to working with humans, for they are having great difficulty maintaining balance within Nature due to man’s disrespect. You can call them in and let them know…


Listening to the Unseen World: Interview

Listening to the Unseen World Enjoy my interview with Brooke Kornegay! FOR MORE INFO ON THERESA'S WORK, VISIT THE "NATURE SPIRITS" PAGE! In this episode... How Theresa got into this work Evolution of belief Adventures in gardening with nature spirits Coning session "conference calls" for co-creation in the garden Duality vs. non-duality The importance of the breath in receptivity; how to connect with your higher self, with others, and those in the Unseen World Nature spirits by name Effects of conventional agriculture poisons on…


Soul Connection 68 ~ Open the Door

There is no grander adventure than to be fully aware of your spiritual nature while residing in human form. Each belief you change and each fear you overcome unlocks another series of doors to explore. There is no stopping your ability to change anything in your life at any time. Open each door, peak inside and enter those that interest you. If you open a door that does not interest you, simply close it and continue to the next. As you learn to say “No,…


Soul Connection 52 ~ Path to Paradise

When you ask for spiritual guidance, you will be supported. There are myriads of Heavenly Helpers patiently and excitedly waiting for you to make the call. Once the request is made, immediately they set into motion events to support your intended desire. Your job is to state your intention clearly and to be passionate about what you want. For added fuel, express love and gratitude toward the unseen Helpers who are putting your prayers into motion. Visualize the end result already in place. Many times,…


Soul Connection 272 ~ Coning Sessions

Whenever you wish to call on a group of Heavenly Helpers for guidance, you can open up a “coning session,” which is similar to a business conference call. The term “coning” was used originally by those who could see energy fields, which appeared in the shape of a cone. There are many ways to conduct a coning session. The method I share with you is a simplified version of Machelle Small Wright's original sessions. The "four points" refer to four types Heavenly Helpers, each overseeing…


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