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Soul Connection 272 ~ Coning Sessions

Whenever you wish to call on a group of Heavenly Helpers for guidance, you can open up a “coning session,” which is similar to a business conference call. The term “coning” was used originally by those who could see energy fields, which appeared in the shape of a cone. There are many ways to conduct a coning session. The method I share with you is a simplified version of Machelle Small Wright’s original sessions.
The “four points” refer to four types Heavenly Helpers, each overseeing different aspects of the session. These include the Soul or Higher Self of the person calling the session, members of the Devic Realm, Pan who has dominion over all Nature Spirits, and the White Brotherhood, also known as Ascended Masters.
You can use the Four Point Coning Session for any topic: gardening, building projects and advice on any subject. There are several guidelines that should be followed for any coning session. Always quiet your mind first. Like a battery, you will get a better connection when you are hydrated. Begin by seeking permission to begin the coning session.
Once you summon the Heavenly Helpers, state your reason for calling the session and stay with that topic. If you do not have clear communication with Beings on the Other Side, you can use dowsing rods, a pendulum or kinesiology and ask for answers using the “yes/no” format. Keep your sessions to the point and as short as possible.
When you are finished with your coning session, release all who are present by thanking them individually and requesting they disconnect from you. If this is not done, often they will linger in your energy field and can significantly drain your energy.
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