Gardening with Nature Spirits is dedicated to anyone seeking to consciously communicate with Nature Spirits. This includes your spirit guides, angels, devas, fairies, elves and loved ones on the “Other Side.”

Whether your goal is gardening, landscape design, home improvement or communicating with Nature Spirits,  you will find many helpful tips. Peek Inside to see all of the topics that are included!

It is my hope that the information presented here will help bridge the gap between humans and the unseen realms, moving us all closer to unconditional love.

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The Devas and Wee Folks have a message for you!

Nothing brings them more joy
than to help make your dreams come true. 

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In addition, you will also be shown a simple method to
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Gardening with Nature Spirits

Meet the Devas


Pan is the universal Overseer of the Nature Spirits. Therefore, ask him for advice on placement of plants (indoor and outdoor) and their needs: watering, sunlight, fertilizer. Also, ask his input for features such as birdbaths, seating arrangements, etc. He is part of the weekly team I use to plan every aspect of gardening and landscaping.

Pan is also an integral part of the SoulCleanse℠ team. He assists with the removal of Dark Elementals that create havoc in the environment.



Each genre of animal, plant and mineral has its own Deva. Therefore, call on their individual Devas to help set parameters and resolve issues.

Furthermore, they can assist you in learning to directly communicate with each other.

Remember in most cases, the animals were here first and you are encroaching on the realm of their ancestors. Human superiority is repugnant to most other species.



Call on these Devas to assist with keeping a good balance. Many “pests” are actually beneficial. So, ask the Devas to help you understand the symbiotic relationship between the insects in your garden and their function.

However, under no circumstances use herbicides or pesticides. Otherwise, the Devas will not work with you and the elementals will leave your space. Also, before “weeding,” ask these Devas if it’s best to keep these weeds to feed the insects that will otherwise chomp on your edibles.


These beings can assist with the entire process of the garden, from inception to completion. Thus, work with this Deva on a weekly basis on projects such as: placement of planting areas, creating charts to keep track of progress and how to ask better questions, soil preparation, when and where to place each seed or plant, when to transplant, weed, fertilize, harvest… everything associated with the garden.



These beings are regional and can be invoked to assist with your individual space and garden. However, each plant genre has its own “caretaker” that oversees its development from seed to maturity.

The Nature Spirits are the ones who take the blueprint of the plant and bring it into form. As a result, I have had wonderful results when I consciously seek advice and ask assistance from these beings. When you clearly connect with them, you can ask them to help make the plants larger than normal, yield more and to “nudge” you when the plant needs attention, such as water or fertilizer.

In addition, you can ask the Nature Spirits to assist with blessing the water you use for irrigation, drinking and bathing.



You may find that your property has ancient ones hanging around. Although some are happy to assist you, others can be grumpy and wish you would go away. Welcome them, ask for their assistance and invite communication with the other Devas, so all of you are working as a team.





Free 16 page booklet!

There are a myriad of ways to connect with conscious beings on the “Other Side of the Veil.” Thus, my goal is to introduce you to the possibility of communicating with these beings.

The Four Point Coning Session is one method of communication, specifically designed to work with a team of “Heavenly Helpers.”

However, the Four Point Coning Session can be used in a myriad of situations: business meetings, problem-solving, landscape design… you name it.

During the Coning Session, you are working with the co-creators of our world and those overseeing its evolution. These Beings are timeless, formless and able to assist on all levels. They welcome your desire to co-creatively work with them.

This booklet will also introduce you to the “Medical Assistance Program” which is designed to help you with any physical dis-ease.


Free 18 page booklet!

Nature Spirits are well aware that their behaviors and those of Humans affect each other’s Realms.   

As a result, there have been riffs between the Realms, causing a great Separation.

However, many individuals in the other Realms are now stepping forward in hopes of working with awakened Humans on a conscious level.

We all have a great responsibility to clean up the damage we have caused on Earth both physically and with negative thought-forms.

In this booklet, the Devas and Wee Folks introduce themselves to you in hopes that you will band with them to re-create the beauty, peace and joy that is our birthright.

Together we CAN create heaven on earth!

My introduction to communicating with Nature spirits began with the work at Perelandra.

Aerail view of Perelandra Center for Nature Research
Perelandra Center for Nature Research

Isn’t this the most adorable farm!!!

Machaelle Small Wright is a nature researcher, teacher, flower essence researcher and developer, and cofounder of Perelandra, a nature research centre in the Virginia countryside. 

Since 1976, she has been working directly with nature intelligences in a co-creative relationship.

Check out her awesome work at:


Machelle Small Wright in cornfield.

Then came the work at Findhorn, Scotland, which led me to Roc Crombie's books!


Encounters with Nature Spirits Book Cover

(1895 – 1975)

Roc has written several delightful books on his experiences with Nature Spirits. Learn truth from fact as he reveals his conversations with Pan and many other elemental spirits. 

His books are available on

These are two of my favorites!


The Gentleman and the Faun Book Cover