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Team Work

Team Work with other Realms. My passion in life is two-fold, first to help humans connect with their inner Selves, that space where they can find peace every moment, no matter what circumstances in which they find themselves.

Secondly, I enjoy helping others communicate more deeply with Nature Spirits. Although many humans know of the existence of Beings in other Realms, most take them for granted. However, the vast majority of humans do not believe or know of the existence of Nature Spirits. Yet, I am here to attest that yes, they do exist and they wish to work with you in a conscious manner.

Through eons of time, separation has occurred between the Human Realm and those living in other dimensions. There is a great awakening happening on Earth today and many are now able to peer into each other’s Realms and connect in ways that have been shut down to all but a select few.

Wars have been fought, battles ensued and now many Wee Folks and Unseen Beings have stepped forward, laying down their swords and seeking a friendly alliance.

In essence, we are all One, playing a game of hide and seek on this planet we call Earth. Yet, the odds of enhancing our spiritual development has taken a nose dive in the past few generations. As a result, we are on the brink of destruction, not only of life force in the human, animal and plant kingdom, but in the Unseen Realms as well.

Many of us participated in creating Earth and the experiences that are allowed in this Realm. We have a vested interest in preserving the fragile ecological system and to stop the negative impact that our thoughts and actions have created since the Earth’s inception.

Members of the Devic Realm are the original co-creators of all physical manifestations that occur around you. Who better to ask for guidance, suggestions and help than those who hold the blueprints of all matter? You can ask for their assistance in any aspect of your life, not just gardening.

The Devic Realm is tied in deeply with other souls such as the Ascended Masters, cosmic Beings of Light and others who have never experienced a physical incarnation on Earth or elsewhere. This includes members of the Angelic Realm, Cherubim and Seraphim.

It is time we unite for team work. We are all children of God, coming from the same Source. We are made of the same substance, endowed with creative abilities. To create the world of your dreams, connect at a soul level with those who have the same vision. Together, we can create “Heaven on Earth,” to bring the Earth back to her natural pristine state, similar, if not better than what the Devas originally created.

We are the ones we have waited for.

What better time than now to start? Your Brothers and Sisters are waiting for your call. Will you take the initiative?
~ Foreword: Gardening with Nature Spirits


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