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Inspiration comes in many forms. Take time today to pay attention to what inspires you. Then begin to add these inspirations into your daily life. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? SHARE YOU INSPIRATION BELOW!


Soul Connection 81 ~ The Path to True Love

What do you need to release in order to live the life of your dreams? Start today by taking steps towards realizing your goals and taking care of your needs. Where would like to focus your time and energy? What brings you joy? What ignites your curiosity? Dream of ways you can live a passionate life full of joy. Are you preoccupied with taking care of the needs of others? You are solely responsible for your soul progression, no one else’s. Take time each day…


Soul Connection 75 ~ Mudra Meditation

Mudras are specific finger placements used to focus your intention during meditation. The purpose is to clear your mind and to relax your body so you may receive messages from your Soul in a more concise way. The following practice is one example, but you can study other methods or create your own. Simplicity is preferable. Begin by getting into a comfortable seated position. The straighter you keep your spine, the better. Clear your mind and keep your focus by pressing the thumb of your…


Soul Connection 27 ~ Going Within Process

Quiet your inner and outer world. Take a look at any aspect of your life. Why do you follow a specific church doctrine? Why do you believe what you believe? Why do you have household items you never use? Why do you hang out with people you feel uncomfortable with? Why do you allow family members to treat you disrespectfully? Choose one and look at it deeply. Feel the emotions that arise. If they are pleasant, feel gratitude for them. If they cause uneasiness or…


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