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New Book Release!

New Book Release!

I am excited to introduce my fifth book… hot off the presses!

Enlightenment Behind Bars is a compilation of spiritual lessons written by nine men and one woman while incarcerated in prison.

With an accumulated total of nearly 200 years behind bars, their fortitude and ability to obtain spiritual growth while in the “Belly of the Beast” speaks volumes in and of itself.

Meet each author as they share their journey of awakening. Each of them includes several lessons on spirituality to help expand your conscious awareness.

From their varied backgrounds and research, you will be introduced to nuggets of Truth gained from many religious outlets including but not limited to Christianity, Buddhism, Neterianism, Islam and Native American Spirituality.

Included are spiritual practices such as meditations and prayers that have helped them on their awakening path. Browse their recommended reading list to spur you onto more research along your Path as a Seeker.

Enlightenment Behind Bars will help to free your mind, whether you currently find yourself imprisoned in the Department of Corrections or the prison created within your own mind.

All book proceeds are used to send my self-empowerment books to incarcerated individuals.
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Peek Inside and Meet the Authors!

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