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Having difficulty dealing with narcissistic loved ones and co-workers? Finding it hard to have compassion for them? Do you recognize your own narcissistic traits?   Check out my new webpage for more information and several resources for your healing! Share the link with others who you feel would benefit from the information! 13 Shares Like   Comment Share


Newsletter: March 5, 2020

Click below to check out the latest updates on my newsletter! Join us for personal and global healing! Be sure to check out March's highlighted book! Consider ordering the Mayan Astrology report for yourself or a loved one.


Solstice and New Moon Celestial Gathering!

Consider joining us for these important personal and global cleanses. We need the help of you and your Spirit Team more than ever! Click here for info on my newest book, Universal Truth! Click below to read the full newsletter I hope to see you on the Solstice in the ethers! Have a blessed week! Theresa Crabtree


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