05/22/20 Newsletter and New Moon Invite: Please join us!

Click here to read the Newsletter. Consider joining us for the New Moon Celestial Gathering. You will receive a personal cleansing. Then our Higher Selves and Spirit Guides will join with many other Beings of Light for a powerful Global Cleanse. You don't have to be physically present because all work is done on an energy level. https://gem.godaddy.com/s/839db01


Global Intention: Spread the Love!

Join us for this important global intention... and it perfectly segways into my already scheduled Celestial Gathering which begins on April 22 at 11:11 pm EDT (NYC time). Let's amp up the Love! Is there anything more important for you to do at this moment in your life? For more info on the Celestial Cleanses, visit: https://www.theresacrabtree.com/events/ https://youtu.be/UG-1YcNR4-Q


Mayan New Year Sale!

Happy Mayan New Year! The Tzolkin Mayan New Year is on August 28th! This is the beginning of the new cycle of the sacred Tzolkin calender which my book, Mayan Messages is centered on. To celebrate, I have dropped the already reduced price of the Mayan Astrology report from $25 to... $12! This is a limited time offer, so you get your order in now! This is a unique and personalized gift for yourself and others. It will also give you insights to those you…


Mayan Astrology Report: 20% Off to Celebrate Tzolkin New Year!

Mayan Astrology Report on Sale! Can you believe that August is almost here!?!?!?! August 28 is the beginning of the new Tzolkin 260 day cycle. To celebrate, I am offering the Mayan Astrology Report for the reduced price of $12!   LOOKING FOR A UNIQUE, PERSONALIZED GIFT?   The Mayan Astrology Life Path Report is a 15 page personalized document based on the date of your birth as it falls within the sacred Tzolkin calendar. The report utilizes several calendar cycles, including the Venus phase…


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