JOIN US REMOTELY: March 20, 2019

You will receive a personal SoulCleanse and your Team of Spirit Helpers will join us for a love-inspired global cleanse. March 20, 2019  Suggested Donation $5-20 USD Register at: For more information visit:


Join us in the Ethers on January 21, 2019!

  FULL  MOON / SUPERMOON LUNAR ECLIPSE CELESTIAL CLEANSE January 21, 2019   Join us in the ethers for this powerful cleanse!   Suggested donation: $5-20 USD   For more information and to register, please visit:   Participating in the group Cleanse offers a two-way blessing. You will receive the healing energies of the SoulCleanse Team.   In addition, your Soul and Spirit Team offers their love and support to all who are present and moving beyond as the blessings ripple outward from our…


JULY 12, 2018 New Moon / Solar Eclipse Celestial Cleanse

JOIN US REMOTELY FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME! [spacer height="12px"] Celestial Cleanses are group gatherings performed REMOTELY every Full and New Moon, Equinox and Solstice. All work is performed in the ethers. Your Soul will be called in, thus you do not need to be present or "tuned in" to participate. [spacer height="12px"] During the Celestial Cleanse, our Souls, Spirit Guides and the SoulCleanse team will unite to shower us with healing energies. [spacer height="12px"] After the personal cleansing portion, as a collective,…


Equinox Remote Group Celestial Cleanse!

SEPTEMBER 22, 2017   The Celestial Cleanse will be conducted at sunrise, EDT. You do not need to "tune in" during the Celestial Cleanse, your Soul will ensure you are energetically connected.   The Equinox offers us an opportunity to balance the energies within. Using the power of group intention and the combined energies of our Souls and Spirit Helpers, we will focus on balancing the energies of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Then we will radiate this healing energy outward to our local…


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