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Message from the Masters: Dec 12, 2023

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
December 12, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

Know that we love you beyond measure. We understand there is much strife on the earth plane at this time. We encourage you to do the best you can to keep it out of your personal place of peace. If you are in a home environment where others disrupt your peace, consider finding a more suitable home for yourself. If this is not possible, create a private space where you can get centered and amp up your inner peace. Nature is also a great healer and place to get grounded and centered.

Make inner peace a priority in your life. As you notice the times when you begin to feel off balance, create a simple plan that you can utilize to get back into balance as soon as possible. One simple method is to focus on long, slow, deep breaths. Then exit the disruption as soon as possible.

During this new moon cleanse, we did a simple technique that you can also utilize to help regenerate your body, soul and mind. Lay down or get into a comfortable meditation position, keeping your back as straight as possible. Begin to visualize the golden white light of Divine Love pouring into the top of your head, through your crown chakra. Let this Love flow slowly down your body, exiting through the soles your feet. Also visualize it flowing from your neck to your shoulders, down your arms and exiting from the palms of your hands.

Visualize this energy being purified as it exits your body. Then allow it to flow back up and into your crown chakra again as it mingles with more Divine Love, creating a toroidal field. Divine Love is your birthright. Divine Love is your truest essence. It is the essence of all things, even no things, material and non-material, in this realm and all others.

As you allow Divine Love to flow through you, at its own pace. Set the intention to allow it to release any stagnant energies that are not meant to be part of your current life experience. These are the fears, the beliefs, the pain, the dis-eases of the body, mind and spirit that you have accumulated during this life and other lifetimes on earth. Allow them to flow out of you.

If you choose, after at least five rounds of the influx of the golden Light, you may choose emerald green energy to flow in to assist with the healing of your cells and body misalignments. Pink energy can also be incorporated with the intention of opening yourself more freely to giving and receiving unconditional love. Continue this entire process for as long as you desire and whenever you desire.

Peace on earth is greatly needed at this time. Peace begins within. Thus, make inner peace a priority. In those moments that you feel centered and at peace, set the intention to expand that peace. Expand the peace to every part of your home, your work place, where you shop, where you exercise, as you drive or ride a vehicle, to people you encounter, your city, your country and abroad. Fill the earth with this much needed peace. Peace is what most people desire. Even during those times when you are suffering hardships, bring your mind back to the moment. Through the breath, ground yourself with inner peace. Then you will be part of the solution.

We love you beyond measure. Call upon us anytime you need an astral hug and extra support.

Metatron and the Masters


** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share this message with others in need of hope and peace. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings. There is strength in numbers when we come together in united prayer.


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  1. Ditoh Rohrig

    Always marvelous wisdom and so appreciated , merry and happy holidays

    1. admin

      May this be your happiest year as a newly married couple!

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