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Message from the Masters: Celestial Gathering July 2, 2023

Full Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
July 2, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with love, honor and respect that we commune with you at this time. We are happy beyond measure when you take time to go within and to tune in with us, for it is our greatest delight to be of service to you.

We know that many of you are suffering hardships at this time. Yet, we offer you solace and comfort and wish you to recognize that every good deed, every kind word and gesture towards yourself and your fellow humans does much to uplift all.

If you worry or wonder about your lot in life, know that no matter what you do, when the choice you make is based from love and kindness, that becomes an unselfish act of love that expands throughout the universe.

Many feel they must do grand and expansive projects or acts, yet we remind you that a simple smile given to a stranger may be all that is needed to re-awaken that one and give hope. Never underestimate the power of what one heart-felt intention or spoken word can mean to another.

You have within you latent power to literally move mountains. Yet, this does not mean that in this lifetime or this chapter of your life that physically moving a mountain is a goal, for what value is there in that? However, energetic mountains of accumulated thoughts and non-beneficial energy, when released has enough power to generate all the energy that is needed to run all of earth’s electronic devices for years to come.

You have a bit of this understanding when you recognize the power and potential when just one miniscule atom is “split.” Then consider all of the atoms that make up your physical body and you can begin to imagine the power that lies within you. So, tap into that power by communicating with your cells. Tap into even greater power by tuning into the Divine Flame of energy that resides within your heart region. Use the power and knowledge to benefit yourself and others.

This power is what we often refer to as Divine Love or Cosmic Light. It is your eternal and internal connection to the Source of All, from whence all things originate. No matter what religion or type of spiritual beliefs you feel connected with, never forget that at the core you are Divine Love and that you are never disconnected from this Source.

When you feel off balance, that is a symptom of a blockage of the natural flow of Divine Love / Cosmic Light. Look within to see why there is a block. It will always be a reaction to something you have experienced. Thus, you will know that there is something that needs to be released and attended to. Dare to think “out of the box” and change your perspective until you can reach the core of the issue. Then you will be able to see things in a way in which you can let go and allow the Cosmic Light and Divine Love to flow freely through your entire being as it was intended to do.

You will find your life easier when you consciously choose to connect with this Love and Light each day. Meditation, quiet time and inner reflection will help you to tune in. Focus on your heart center where the eternal Flame resides within you. Amp up the love in your heart. Focus on the beauty of earth and beyond until you can reach a state of inner peace. Then allow yourself to open even more fully until you can feel the bliss and blessings that come as a result of more in-pouring of Divine Love / Cosmic Light. This is not only your birthright, it is the totality of your True Essence, that part of you that still resides in a higher vibrational dimension.

Do your best at least once a day to mentally leave the physical element of your body and expand your True Being to embrace this Divine Source. As you make this practice more of your daily routine, you will find it easier to shift away from the trials and tribulations of human life. It will become easier to know which direction to turn in any given moment. You will feel less depression as you release the past. You will experience less anxiety when you release worries of the future.

When you feel off balance, take in several long, slow deep breaths in and out until you feel relaxed. Then tune into the Divine Flame. Ask for the wisdom to help make important decisions. Pull yourself out of the drama so that you can focus on the best path to solve the problem or smooth the discontented interaction with others. As you make this your common practice, it will become “first nature” to you. Then you will find more happiness and bliss in your daily life. This will open the path to more unencumbered Cosmic Light and Divine Love. From this will you receive more energy and clarity to make decisions to allow even more in. This will create an ever-present toroidal field of energy within your physical, mental and astral energy fields which will continue to perpetuate itself continually.

The only way to block this natural flow of energy is through fear, limiting beliefs and thoughts, words and actions that are not based from True love. Thus, be mindful of who you are and how you are presenting yourself to others in the current moment. For the current moment is all one truly has to co-create with.

Know that you are loved beyond measure and that you have our assistance when you truly seek our Guidance.

Be love always, in all ways.

Metatron and the Masters


*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share with those who have ears to hear. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings.


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