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Ancient Mayans were gifted an incredible system of time-keeping.
Their sacred calendar, the Tzolkin, was used by the high priests
to determine the specific time for important festivals and rituals.
The Tzolkin also was used for divination purposes.

The Maya believed that before incarnating on earth, they chose their main purpose and often would select a date whose energies would enhance their life path. Thus, when children were born, their place in society would be known.

Midwives were highly trained in the Tzolkin calendar.
Their role was to train parents on how to properly educate and
nurture their child’s character strengths and talents.

Although you most likely were not born of Maya ancestry, these energies are here and available for you to tap into on a daily basis. At the least, knowing the energies supporting your life’s purpose and those closest to you can be empowering.

You will find the Mayan Astrology Life Path Report
to be a useful tool as you navigate your life path. 

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Your Mayan Astrology report is formulated using the following five important Maya/Aztec astrological cycles.


This shows your place in an eternally repeating 20 day sequence of animal and nature symbols. Your Day Sign describes your most dominant, visible character traits.



Added to the Day Signs is the Trecena, a cycle of 13 days, that shows who you are underneath -- your deeper yearnings and subconscious motivations. Combining the 20 Day Sign with the 13 Trecena numbers creates the Tzolkin, the 260-day Sacred Year. Each of the 260 days has its own unique quality, yielding 260 distinct personality traits.



In addition, the Mesoamerican cultures
recognized a longer cycle of 52 years.
Your place within this cycle reveals the traits you have in common with the others born in the same Haab year.



Your birth date also falls within a 9-day cycle of gods and goddesses called Lords of the Night. Your Night Lord deity reveals the dark and
hidden you – parts of your personality that
others may not know of or understand. This
ancient god or goddess archetype symbolizes the deep forces behind your will to exist. 

As a bonus, your
Mayan Astrology Report
will include a further
explanation of this unique and fascinating system of astrology.


The Maya and Aztec societies placed great
importance on the 584-day Venus-Sun cycle, which they equated with the journey of the god Quetzalcoatl. Your Venus phase (Morning Star, Evening Star, Inferior Conjunction or Superior Conjunction) reveals your basic pattern of
relating to others.



In addition, the Mayan Astrology Life Path
lists your peak dates for the next five year period. These are crucial times when your life tends to speed up and become more vivid, eventful, and even fateful.


This cycle of important turning points starts at birth and erupts at regular 65-day intervals for everyone. However, the nature and symbolism of each peak depends on exactly when you were born in the 260-day sacred year.


Your report gives personal peak dates, Day Sign and Trecena number, corresponding
compass direction and Moon phase, and a brief indication of the best stance to adopt during each of these critical hinge-points in your life. 


Understand yourself and others more clearly!

The accuracy of the Mayan Astrology report
will likely surprise you. 

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The Mayan Astrology report can help both you and your client better understand their inner workings.


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Name, Birth City, Country
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