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We are one activity

Decades ago, my friend Mary invited me to join her for workshop. I was very new to metaphysical ideology at the time. The speaker expounded on the belief that we are all One, coming from the same Source. This was a new thought to me at the time.

One of the exercises he had us do was to pair up with someone in the audience. Then he had us sit facing each other. The instructions were to stare into each other’s eyes, with as little blinking as possible. The intention was to imagine ourselves as being “One.”

He set a timer for ten minutes. As I stared into Mary’s eyes, I could feel a strong energy connection with her. I could actually hear some of her thoughts! Soon, her face began to get blurry. Then all of a sudden, my face became transposed on to her face. It was like I was looking into a mirror without my eyeglasses on.

Soon after, Mary’s eyes grew wide and I knew she was seeing a shift, as well. She had a similar experience. Her face became transposed onto mine, as though she was looking in a mirror. During the conversation after the activity, we found that nearly everyone had the same experience. There were others that saw their partner’s face transpose into an animal or monster. We were assured that this didn’t mean they had demons inside.

When I got home, I wondered what it would be like to stare at myself in the mirror with the thought, “I am One with All.” Although my face didn’t transpose, I could feel an incredible influx of Divine Love.

You might want to try one or both of these exercises. If you do, or have in the past, share what you experienced below!

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