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Create Your Reality: Visualization Meditation

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Visualization Meditation: Create Your Reality Through Role-play

We create our reality through our thoughts, words and actions. If there is something in your life that you would like to change, here’s one solution.

Retreat to a quiet space where it is least likely you will be disturbed. Being in nature, sitting with your back against a large tree is optimal. Turn off all phones and remove any other distractions. Get into a comfortable position. Allow your body to relax. Pay attention to your breathing. Take a slow, deep breath in, hold it a moment, then slowly let your breath out fully. Repeat this until you feel your body release tension and relax. Then return to your normal breathing pattern.

Set a specific intention of what you wish to focus on. Do want to spend this time going within for solace, guidance or to create something new? Is there an idea that has been coming into your consciousness lately that you haven’t taken time to pay full attention to? Maybe you are ready to change a new habit or belief that has kept you from experiencing full joy in your life.

Throughout your life, you have been a master mason, creating walls of fear and rejection. Perhaps your goal in this exercise is to start taking apart those walls and exposing the true essence of light and love that you are. Over time, as you practice this exercise, you will have many opportunities to go within and shine a light on your inner shadows. There will come many “Aha!” moments when you “get it,” until the moment when your light will be so bright that inner shadows will no longer exist.

Consider the multitude of possibilities that filter through your mind as you ponder what your focus will be. Then choose your intention and give it your full attention.

Imagine pushing a button on the left side of your brain to temporarily shut off distracting thoughts and concerns. Focus completely on your chosen intention.

Allow any distracting thoughts to float on by.

Ask your inner Self for guidance on steps to take to achieve your intended goal. Ask for support and it will come to you in many, often unexpected, ways, such as song lyrics, goose bumps or perhaps, a “knowingness.”

Focusing on your intention, practice anticipated situations that may keep you from reaching your goal. Role-play them in your mind. Your unconscious brain does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. How many times have you felt yourself experiencing emotions while you were watching a movie or reading a book? During those times, your brain waves were reacting as though it were reality.

With your imagination, you can practice overcoming any fears or anxieties through role-play. Incorporate the use of your senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell. For deep phobias, this may be very difficult in the beginning. Ask your Spirit Guides to support you. Know that you are the master of your thoughts and experiences.

Release any judgmental thoughts that might surface, such as “That is too expensive. I don’t know how to do that. It is impossible for me. Others will think I am crazy.”

The key to this exercise is to use your five senses while you are visualizing what it is you wish to overcome or experience. Explore any avenues of possible solutions or changes you wish to make in your life. There are myriads of opportunities and ways to overcome fears and to manifest your goals.

Once you have completed the meditation, repeat it as often as needed to keep the vision energized. Be sure that your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment with your goal. The only thing limiting you is yourself, your judgmental mind and your self-created fears. You can overcome anything and create the life you have always dreamed of. Know this is possible and dream big!


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