Jose H in Texas Prison

Enlightenment Behind Bars and Universal Truth have a lot of things in them which really help me as I’m bettering myself. I encourage people to do better, not to give up and to break addictions or bad habits. I sometimes use things I got off your books when doing that. I do it because I seen change in myself… so why not pass on the knowledge whether it be family, friend or stranger. Knowledge is power when you put it into action.

I’d like to thank you on behalf of the ones who also received these books and don’t have any way to say thank you. Your gift is really appreciated. You are a good person to be doing something for people who have made mistakes in their life, bringing something positive which can help somebody better themselves or realize who they truly are.

It brings a smile to us and our loved ones when we do better. I hope to bring a smile to you and a reminder that you are doing something really powerful with your kindness.

(Note from Theresa: I hope this also brings a smile and sense of appreciation to all who have helped through donations to get these books into the hands of incarcerated individuals!)

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