Connection to Source

Every moment in your life, you are connected to Source. You have the free will to choose the events you wish to experience. Although you are somewhat hampered due to the rules of the universe and interactions with others, you are in control of how to react in every situation. As you clear energetic blockages from your body, the ability to tune into your Soul and Spirit Guides will increase. When you choose love, peace and joy in each situation, your body will vibrationally increase…


Receiving Gifts

When a person is blocked to either giving or receiving gifts, an imbalance occurs in the energetic field. Fear and misguided beliefs block the flow of love. To open the flow of abundance, take time to go within and seek the things that caused you to block the flow in the first place. Scrutinize these beliefs until you see how they no longer serve you. Forgive yourself and any others involved by allowing them to be responsible for their actions and inactions. Note what occurred,…


Daily Cleansing

Daily cleansing will help those who are floundering, not knowing where to place their time and energy. There is much unrest due to the remolding of all infrastructures. Many changes are occurring rapidly on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Some are feeling uneasy and full of anxiety and despair. Much of this is due to unconscious chatter on the energy grids as well as whispers from your Soul and Spirit Guides. It is good every morning to clear yourself of adverse energies that…


Spiritual Progression

Every moment is a natural progression of your spiritual path. There are many on Earth who are highly enlightened. They remain on Earth to assist others to attain higher degrees of love and understanding. Respect these gurus, but know that you have just as much ability to attain the higher frequencies of unconditional love as they are experiencing. There is no need to follow any one religion. It is not necessary to live a minimalistic lifestyle. Embrace and enjoy all of the beauty and wonder…


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