Shine Your Light

What does it mean to “shine your light?” Once upon a time, we all were a singular unit of God, the Creator of All.  There were no individuals, all was an integral part of the whole, similar to the light that shines forth from the sun. At one point, Source fragmented to allow for a variety of experiences. You are one of those fragments. Within you is the eternal flame that is your connection to the Source of All. This light inside your heart is…


Soul Connection 99 ~ Soul Connections

Your Soul created your human incarnation. It has a purpose in wanting to have this experience, at this time. Your Soul is perfect, having a deeper understanding of how the universe works. There is no greater place to go for Guidance than to the Soul that created you. Although others can assist along your life Path, everything you need to know lies within you. Set time aside each day and connect with your Soul for insight and guidance. The connection is simple, but entails that…


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