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Soul Connection 99 ~ Soul Connections

Your Soul created your human incarnation. It has a purpose in wanting to have this experience, at this time. Your Soul is perfect, having a deeper understanding of how the universe works. There is no greater place to go for Guidance than to the Soul that created you. Although others can assist along your life Path, everything you need to know lies within you. Set time aside each day and connect with your Soul for insight and guidance. The connection is simple, but entails that you get out of your left-brain logical thinking patterns.
In order to elevate to a higher vibration, begin practicing expressions of love such as kindness, inner peace and gratitude. When you connect with your Soul, you may have a variety of experiences: clearly hear a loving voice, a knowing that you are connected, “god bumps,” smell a specific scent, feel a specific sensation in the gut or other place in the body.
When you make it a practice to go inside for guidance, you are less likely to be swayed from your desired Path. The best measure for knowing whether the information you hear is from your Soul and Spirit Guides is the feeling of peace and love that comes from the connection.
Although your growth may involve making an uncomfortable decision or one that others may not like, work through your fears and press forward. Pay close attention to your intuition and gut feelings, for these are directional signposts, much like a GPS mapping system that leads to your destination.
As you practice connecting with your Soul and Guides, you will soon recognize them by their frequency. Trust the information you hear when the message is love-based. Decide which tidbits of advice are in alignment with your desires. Take the steps necessary to integrate them into your life. Transform your life and then joyfully share your knowledge with others. Know that all you need is already inside you.

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