22 years in prison! Can you imagine? That was what Mark experienced after an attempted bank robbery to feed his drug addiction. "Not my best choice," as he states in the book. While sitting in prison, he embodied the new awareness, "I didn't get arrested, I got rescued." He has suffered much abuse leading up to his addiction, during his addiction, as well as what he endured while in prison! Then there is the stigma and obstacles of having the label, "felon" to deal with.…


Celebrate You!

CELEBRATE YOU! Today, let's celebrate YOU!  How often do you take time to be grateful for the person you are? If you would do this more often (every moment), your life would be much grander! Your Soul and Spirit Guides say, “Thank you!” Without your experiences on Earth, they would not be as enriched. By having the privilege of working with you, they are filled with joy. Take time now to thank yourself. Every thought, word and action you have ever generated has spread throughout…


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