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Celebrate You!


Today, let’s celebrate YOU!  How often do you take time to be grateful for the person you are? If you would do this more often (every moment), your life would be much grander!

Your Soul and Spirit Guides say, “Thank you!” Without your experiences on Earth, they would not be as enriched. By having the privilege of working with you, they are filled with joy.

Take time now to thank yourself. Every thought, word and action you have ever generated has spread throughout the universe. Even those things you judge to be bad are not considered negative by your Soul.

When people do things that are “bad,” they allow others to make a choice in how they will respond. There would not be an opportunity for such if no one played the role of bad guy. Just like in the movies, the bad guy is an actor. It is not the actor being bad, he is just playing a role. Although from the human perspective the “bad” may feel painful and horrible, from the broader perspective, you are playing temporary roles in order to have unique experiences.

Thank yourself for having the courage to come to Earth.

Celebrate your Being without judging yourself or regretting choices you made in the past. Know you are a child of love and are pure in your Spirit Essence. Celebrate this.

Treat yourself to a big astral hug by calling in your Spirit Guides. Play soft music and allow yourself to relax and release any pressures you have placed on yourself, allowing your Essence to be filled with their love.

Daily, take time to look in the mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you are. Look yourself in the eye and have a conversation. At first, this may be difficult, but with practice, you will feel joy when filling your Being with compliments. If you feel pressed for time, do this simple exercise while brushing your teeth.

Dare to be silly! Create joy in each moment. Wear the clothes you like, with no concern what others may think. Climb out of the box and start living your life from a place of peace and fun! Let your creativity flow!


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