Morning Message 101721

You did not come to earth to save anyone. What is there to be saved from when you remember your True Roots as a child of the Creator? Put your ego to rest and spend your time more focused on how to expand your true nature of Divine Love. Practice anchoring inner peace, no matter situation in which you find yourself. What else is of more importance this day? ~ Rev. Theresa Crabtree



This morning I had an AWESOME meditation. One of the areas I am working on is unconditional love. It’s so hard not to judge people by their looks, what they wear, what they say, what you think they are thinking, what they do… and on and on the list goes. So, I was inspired to put some sticky notes in prominent places that simply say “C.O.G,” an abbreviation for “Child of God.” This is a reminder to do a heart-to-heart connection with whoever is on…


Message from the Masters: August 8, 2021

Message from the Masters New Moon Celestial Gathering August 9, 2021   Greetings Dear Ones, We are honored and excited to once again commune with you. We encourage you to continue to seek our assistance as you walk your daily Path. Although there are many paths, for the Seeker, there is one Goal and that is communion with the Source of All. At the appointed time, All will commune again as One with the Source. This is a continual pattern, much like as one breathes…

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