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Message from the Masters: August 8, 2021

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
August 9, 2021


Greetings Dear Ones,

We are honored and excited to once again commune with you. We encourage you to continue to seek our assistance as you walk your daily Path. Although there are many paths, for the Seeker, there is one Goal and that is communion with the Source of All.

At the appointed time, All will commune again as One with the Source. This is a continual pattern, much like as one breathes in, they will breathe out. However, the re-union with Source is truly of cosmic proportions and will not happen anytime soon.

Yet, while you are experiencing life on earth in physical form, you do have access to the beginning stages of this cycle. For those who master this realm and end their life in communion with the Source, you will join our “ranks” as ascended Masters. That is what this “ascended Masters” means.

In our humble beginnings, we too went through trials and tribulations such as what you are experiencing and witnessing in your own life.

We too suffered at the hands of others and did our fair share of adding tumult during some of our lives. Yet, as time went on, through many lifetimes, we eventually gained more understanding which led to our ability to tune into those who mastered earth trials before us.

To our delight and amazement, we also discovered that there are many beings of Light who have been there all along to help us to have our chosen experiences and then to shuck the “karmic wheel” of earth, while gaining mastery over our minds and bodies.

For the true Seeker, all of us are here to assist you. However, you must clear the blocks caused by fear and limiting beliefs. All the information you need to join our “ranks” is already written and being expounded upon. No other generation on earth has ever had the necessary information readily accessible to them as is now happening. We are referring to access to the internet and everything coming off the printing presses. However, the problem with these sources lies in the misinterpretations, as well as the deception of those who have ulterior motives.

To avoid those pitfalls, let it be known and understood that you do not need any of those sources when you are able to commune directly with us, through meditation. As you learn more truths and release your own blocks, you will find it easier to discern truth from the copious amounts of misinformation.

Many of you are using primitive tools, without having the advance knowledge and training.

Worse yet, is using these tools while your discernment of Truth is at a very weak stage. We refer to objects such as pendulums, tarot cards, the Ouija board, astrology, etc. Many take a few classes and feel they are ready to conquer the world of deception. However, they are deluded. The mind is able to easily manipulate one’s thoughts, as well as the swing of a pendulum. Moreso, what one believes as truth, whether it is true or not, will filter any “channeled” messages. Thus, seek to clear your own Self so that you can rely upon your personal connection with the Masters. That will be your truest information.

Yet, understand, that you will also need to release your own fears, limiting beliefs and have the courage to face the messages that you receive. The more you release the blocks, the more you can receive the message in its purest form. Ponder the answers you receive and integrate those that intuitively feel right for you. You will also need the courage to move forward with certain actions that go beyond your comfort zone.

There are many humans and non-humans who have mastered the art of deception. Thus, you must be careful not to consciously or unconsciously align with them. Keep your body and mind as pure as you can from anything that is toxic such as drugs, alcohol, pornography, busy-ness and anything else that distracts you. This will assist your natural flow of chi energy to flow within the body. That, in effect, will help your overall physical and mental health. Inner peace and clarity are crucial elements while walking the conscious path.

Everyone has the same amount of “time” during the 24-hour day.

Many “Lightworkers” seem to do an incredible amount of good in the world, while others remain lethargic. Thus, it is important to review where you spend your time and energy. Begin to say “no” to things that are not truly your business to participate in. Turn down invitations to events that bring you down or take you away from your goals. Switch your perspective to focus on the positive in all situations. These will all allow you more time, energy and perhaps even finances to help you to move forward with your “spiritual” goals.

We put the word “spiritual” in quotes because it is important to understand that with every breath you take and every action you participate in and every inaction, you are still a spirit being. Thus, there is no difference between spiritual work and other mundane activities, such as washing the dishes. Do all with joy and to the best of your ability.

Begin each morning working towards the feeling and remembrance that you are a spiritual being.

Embrace your connection to your Higher Self and to the Source of All, for both reside within your energy field, in addition to their expanded Selves. We are all One. You have heard this. It is in your best interest to ponder this and ask for Guidance on how to not only mentally understand the concept, but to have the experience that you are part of the whole. Remember that you are a not only a child of God, but that every atom, all of your essence is part of the Whole.

You will know that you are getting closer as you sense more peace, love, calmness in your life. Make these your goals, starting today. Meditation is the path to self-mastery. We are here to assist along your awakening path. What else is of more importance to you today?

Know that you are loved, always, all ways.
Metatron and the Masters


*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share with those who have ears to hear. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings to receive personal healing and to offer global cleansing to assist all on their Path.

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