Soul Connection 99 ~ Soul Connections

Your Soul created your human incarnation. It has a purpose in wanting to have this experience, at this time. Your Soul is perfect, having a deeper understanding of how the universe works. There is no greater place to go for Guidance than to the Soul that created you. Although others can assist along your life Path, everything you need to know lies within you. Set time aside each day and connect with your Soul for insight and guidance. The connection is simple, but entails that…


Soul Connection 197 ~ Receive Our Blessings

While you read this, the Soul Cleanse Team of Spirit Beings and I would like to bestow upon you blessings of energy and love. To prepare, take a few breaths and relax. You may choose to listen to soothing music or listen to our Angelic choir in your mind or by using recorded music such as Tom Kenyon’s Ghandarva ceremony. You may also invite other loving Beings, such as Saints, Masters, Angels, your Spirit Guides and Heavenly Helpers to join us. To call them in,…


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