Soul Connection 36 ~ Dark Energy

Dark energy patterns occur in your physical and astral bodies. They are created by your thoughts, words, actions and emotions. There is a universal law that “like attracts like.” Light or positive thoughts flow freely in energetic patterns. Dark or negative thoughts glop together like a sticky substance.
Be aware of your words. The first time you say something like, “I am sick and tired,” you have created a low frequency thoughtform. The next time you repeat or feel the same words or energy pattern, this thoughtform will attach itself to the first thoughtform.
As time goes on, if the attitude remains the same and the feelings occur repeatedly, this dark glop of energy will continue to grow. Once imbedded securely, these glops of dark energy become so large, tight and energized that it actually manifests into a physical dis-ease within your body.
How to break through these patterns, whether they have already manifested physically or still in your auric field? Take time to quiet your inner and outer world. Call in the energy of your Soul and Spirit Helpers. Clearly state your intention of what you want to occur.
Through focused intention and pure thoughts, you can undo these glops. However, in order to keep them from accumulating again, it is helpful to discover the belief codes that keep you in this way of thinking and feeling. You must also take action to change the thoughts and behaviors that keep you in this mindset.
Make choices based on your highest dream, not allowing fear and limiting thoughtforms to keep you from pursuing your goals. Always remember that whatever you create, you can also un-create.
In order to progress towards love, you will need to change limiting belief codes and energize them with new and positive behaviors. As you master this code structure, your life will blossom. You will experience less dark nights and more sunny days. It is the law of the universe. There is no other way! Isn’t that good news? Be of good cheer, for you have all the power within yourself to create a life of abundance and joy!
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