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Your Future Begins Now

Your future begins now. On Earth, there is an increasing amount of light and higher frequencies as more humans tune into their spiritual nature, elevating everyone’s capacity for love. As ripples go forth when a stone is tossed into a pond, so the frequency of love emanates from you. Love is an energy vibration that knows no bounds. It continues onward from you throughout all of creation. It is through the vibration of love traveling in an instant throughout creation that allows All to be in continual contact with Source. We are all connected. We are one with all.

Your thoughts and beliefs are the foundation and creation of your overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of being. Each moment, pay attention to your thoughts. If they are not supporting you, then redirect your focus to something more uplifting, thus creating health and balance.

Meditation, prayer and quiet time are needed on a regular basis in order to maintain a sense of balance and harmony. Catch yourself before doing anything that causes your energy level to plummet. This includes your thoughts, words, actions, foods you ingest, places you visit, people you are in communion with, your workplace and choice of recreational activities.

The current moment is the beginning of your future. Choose wisely how you spend this moment. Ooops, there goes another moment! How will you spend this moment? Live in the present and enjoy the gift of life!


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