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Which Piece are You?

Which piece are you? Visualize a box filled with puzzle pieces. On the cover of the box is a beautiful scenic view of people going about their day in a quaint hillside town. Open the box and spread the pieces on the table. See yourself as being one piece of the puzzle, unique from the rest in color and design. As the pieces begin to fall into place, the scenic view begins to emerge.

Once the pieces are all in place, take time to enjoy the image. Then see the lines separating the puzzle pieces melding into one another. Notice how the picture is much more attractive when there are no lines of demarcation. Now see the picture come alive, with you being one of the people in the image.

This is similar to our plane of existence. The box is the Earth that has specific rules or parameters. In the box are myriads of people and opportunities. Each is unique, yet one part of the whole. When the individual pieces begin to unite, the full picture begins to emerge. Once united, new life begins anew, beautiful, complete and whole.

Which piece do you choose to be? Are you ready to unite with your brothers and sisters? Are you ready to take the actions necessary to create the experiences you desire? Within you is the ability to create your reality, within the confines of the laws of the universe. Where you place your attention in the present moment will determine your future. Have fun co-creating your reality!


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