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Many have come to believe there is a need for war in order to maintain peace. These wars not only exist on global levels, but within families, close relationships, co-workers, those you meet casually and within your own self. Rather than waging war with those you disagree with, open your eyes and heart and allow others to walk the Path of their choice. This does not mean to allow those who perpetuate evil to walk their path of destruction. What we are referring to is allowing others to have their own opinions and beliefs.

He who Sees will cease to fight.

There are increasing instances such as road rage where fights, sometimes leading to death, ensue between strangers over trivial issues. How can you help end this madness? Maintain inner peace at all times. No matter what another says or does, allow it to be. Resist getting caught up in the swirl of negative emotions that will surely take you out of balance.

When possible, excuse yourself from the situation, go into the bathroom or a quiet space and regain your inner composure. Realize that each person acts and reacts from his set of beliefs, fear and unresolved emotional issues. Question the beliefs within yourself that make you want to lash back.

Are there past events that have you continually reacting in the same manner in similar situations? You have the ability to change your thoughts, words, reactions and behaviors differently in these situations. Once you attain inner peace, you will then become a role model for others. As your vibration rises, peace will expand out from you, reaching untold others while anchoring peace onto the land.

If every person made the choice to be filled with peace, wars and petty arguments would cease in a moment. Look for the Divine Flame within one another. We all come from the same Source. Look into each other’s eyes and send thoughts of love and kindness. Make this a habit and you will connect on the Soul level, once again remembering that perfection lies within All.


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  1. Maria Heretaki

    Absolutely clear and liberating message!!!

    Justification for ‘reasons’ existing conflict continues to keep ‘War’ active; both, on Moth Earth and within us all.

    Thank you for the amazing service to humanity Theresa!!!

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