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Manifestation Process

Your Higher Self wrote the basic script for what you wish to experience together during this lifetime. This is a co-creation process that begins anew each moment. To make the most of your experience on Earth, go within and tune into your Higher Self, especially when setting conscious intentions.

You may feel a gut reaction or knowingness as to whether your request is appropriate for you. If your prayer involves others, always check with their Higher Self for permission before interceding. In all cases, ask what is for the highest good for yourself and all concerned and finally, add the statement that you would like to experience this gracefully.

Be clear on what it is you wish to manifest. Empower the request with your emotions and by visualizing the outcome, using your five senses. The more passion and fervor that is placed into the dream, the more likely the Heavenly Helpers will know that you are serious and help you to create this reality.

Your Higher Self and Heavenly Helpers have the ability to see much more than you, so they may fulfill your dream in a way that is similar or even better than what you request, although it may not come in the way you expect.

With this in mind, be specific about what you want fulfilled, then be open-minded and pay attention to your intuition and synchronicities so you do not miss the mark. The Heavenly Helpers rejoice when a prayer is received and especially when the person making the request consciously realizes it was their co-creative abilities that made it happen. Most of all, your attitude of gratitude makes it all worthwhile for them to assist you.

They know that we are all One, coming from the same Source. They understand that you are a part of them. Your growth is their growth. Many of them have lived physical lives, so they know what you are experiencing. Nothing gives them greater joy than to help you rise above duality and become a conscious expression of Divine Love.

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