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Stumbling Blocks

One way to gracefully overcome obstacles is to prepare yourself before you stumble. Many trip over the same rock several times and either are unaware of repeating this pattern or once aware, decide to take measures not to stumble on the rock again. This is the difference between unconscious and conscious living. When you pay attention to what is happening around you, life becomes more meaningful and magical.

Once you are consciously aware of the rock in your path, come up with solutions to avoid stumbling over it again. You may choose to step over the rock or walk around it. Perhaps you will remove the rock from the path. Maybe you will plant a colorful flag or sign next to the rock to alert yourself and others who walk the path. Perhaps you will paint the rock a bright color.

Whichever choice you make creates a different impact upon you and the rock. Some of these choices will also assist others to avoid stumbling over the same rock. No matter which choice is selected, the result will be the same; you will break the pattern of stumbling over the rock if you are paying attention. You may find that your first choice isn’t effective. Let’s say you chose to place a flag next to the rock, but the wind blew the flag over and you stumbled on the rock again. Simply choose another method until the pattern is broken.

The best choice you can make with any pattern you wish to change is to be alert to what you are thinking, saying and doing in each moment.

There will be less accidents and much finer living when you are tuned into your inner self. As you learn to appreciate the blessings in the current moment, you will realize how wise you are and how splendid the world is. Look at behaviors and patterns in your life that are not working for you. List those you wish to change and begin removing the stumbling blocks.

As you walk your Path, change the habits that do not support your new beliefs. When you stumble, be grateful for the experience and the knowledge you gained as a result. You are a powerful creator. Wake up each morning excited about the new possibilities and adventures that lay before you. Seek joy in all things, even the stumbling blocks.

Excerpt from Universal Truth © 2020  Theresa Crabtree. All Rights Reserved.
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