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Take Time

Life at times is very difficult, especially when bound by time constraints. Yet in truth, there is no time. We create deadlines as a means to ensure a job gets done, yet in return, it creates stress.

There is much stress involved in waking up at a certain time, getting to work, getting the children to and from school, eating lunch at a specific moment, returning from lunch, finishing chores, racing to a meeting, gathering with friends for dinner, making it to the movies on time, getting to the store before it closes, planning fun over the weekend and the list goes on.

How can you find balance in a world filled with deadlines?

You could begin by taking an inventory each time you look at the clock. Begin to notice the things you do that involve being somewhere at a specific time. Also, notice your relationship to time. Do you feel anxious if you are running late? Do you rush through other activities to be sure you get to the next location on time? Are you enjoying the moment or fixated on the future?

Begin to find ways you can simplify your life, especially if you are feeling rushed all the time. There are many things that can be left undone or are not yours to do in the first place. Let others be responsible for the things they choose to do. Learn to say “no” to things that are not of high interest to you.

Are you in relationships with people who distract you from doing things that ignite your passion? Take a look at the time and energy required to keep these friendships alive. Maybe some of them need to go by the wayside or new parameters set.

Each moment of your life can be enjoyed fully.

When you overbook yourself, the enjoyment (in-joy-moment) begins to fade. Before you arise in the morning, take an inventory of what you wish to accomplish during the day. As the day progresses, weed out those things that take you away from your desired goals. Learn to do this each day and eventually you will gain full control over your time, doing more of what brings you joy. Begin today. What better time than now to change a habit?


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