Soul Connection 100 ~ Return to Unity

All humans are children of God. Not only do we have the same blood running in our veins, but we also have the same spirit connection to the Source of all. In one sense, we are all gods, each being an aspect of the whole, a hologram. Take time each day to go within and find ways to make this connection with your Soul, other humans and all of creation. The following are suggestions to return to unity with All. Focus on positive thoughts. Build…


Soul Connection 99 ~ Soul Connections

Your Soul created your human incarnation. It has a purpose in wanting to have this experience, at this time. Your Soul is perfect, having a deeper understanding of how the universe works. There is no greater place to go for Guidance than to the Soul that created you. Although others can assist along your life Path, everything you need to know lies within you. Set time aside each day and connect with your Soul for insight and guidance. The connection is simple, but entails that…


Soul Connection 98 ~ Stumbling Blocks

One way to gracefully overcome obstacles is to prepare yourself before you stumble. Many trip over the same rock several times and either are unaware of repeating this pattern or once aware, decide to take measures not to stumble on the rock again. This is the difference between unconscious and conscious living. When you pay attention to what is happening around you, life becomes more meaningful and magical. Once you are consciously aware of the rock in your path, come up with solutions to avoid…


12 Step Healing Process

Feeling off balance? The 12 Step Healing Process can help get you back in the game! 1. Find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed, preferably for at least an hour. A peaceful place in nature is ideal. 2. Quiet your inner and outer mind by focusing on your breath and relaxing your muscles. Choose a technique that feels comfortable to you. 3. Call in your Soul and cells of your body to assist with this process. Set your intention by naming the…


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