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12 Step Healing Process

Feeling off balance? The 12 Step Healing Process can help get you back in the game!

1. Find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed, preferably for at least an hour. A peaceful place in nature is ideal.

2. Quiet your inner and outer mind by focusing on your breath and relaxing your muscles. Choose a technique that feels comfortable to you.

3. Call in your Soul and cells of your body to assist with this process. Set your intention by naming the past wound or current malady you wish to heal.

4. Choose the physical site on your body to work on. State your intention, for example, “My liver is healthy and fully functioning.” Begin to gently tap on that area of your body. Pay attention to the thoughts and physical sensations you feel.

5. Many things can happen at this point. You may remember a traumatic event from this life or a past life. The name of a healthy food or vitamin supplement may come to mind. You may see yourself in a practitioner’s office. A person may come to your mind.

Pay attention to any emotions that arise.

6. Let your emotions bubble to the surface. If you feel like crying, then cry. Dance if you feel like dancing. If you feel like drawing in the soil, then do so. These are ways to release the emotions that have become squelched and stagnated.

7. If an event or person comes to your mind, allow the remembrance of it, as you initially experienced it. If it is too painful, ask your Soul to let you view this objectively, as though you were watching a movie.

8. As best you can, bring up feelings of forgiveness and love for yourself and all other persons involved in whatever memory comes to you. This may take several sessions for some issues. Be patient and “fake it ’til you make it.”

9. Visualize yourself as fully healed. Gently and lovingly stroke the area involved. Thank your body for its assistance with the healing process.

10. Thank your Soul and cells for assisting, even if you don’t quite believe they exist. Once you have experienced a few miracles and heard enough miraculous stories, you will eventually know that something bigger than you is happening!

11. Close the session by thanking all that were present.

12. As best as you can, do not retell the stories that will re-create the disease. Keep your thoughts focused on your total body as being healed and healthy.

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